1. Registration and confirmation of classes will be strictly in accordance with swimming levels.
  2. Class times will be at 25-30 minutes a lesson for levels 1 to 5, with an average of ten swimmers in each lesson.
  3. Older Swimmers’ classes will have +/- 15 participants and will run for 30-40 minutes.
  4. Our Season will run from 14 August 2023 to 30 April 2024, weather permitting.
  5. Note that the December Holiday Programme is booked and charged for separately.
  6. In addition, as Ramadhan falls mostly during March and April swimmers can, if needs be, take a fee break for the month.
  7. Our Annual Fun Gala will be held at the end of April. Exact date and Venue to be confirmed.
  8. Note that we close on all Public Holidays, for both days of Eid and on the Saturday of the Midmar-Mile.
  9. Please ensure that you know what your seasonal and monthly fee is before the season commences. We have already established fixed rates for families and those swimming twice a week. Unfortunately, no further discount can be arranged.
  10. Remember that fees are to be paid in advance, by the first lesson of the month and all fees must be paid up before the beginning of March 2023
  11. It is important to note that the full seasonal fee is payable and that we no longer credit or refund for missed lessons. We will only do make-up lessons in exceptional cases where there is a valid reason for absence.
  12. By providing, us with your email address and telephone numbers, you accept to receive communication related to Dolphins Swim School.
  13. Dolphins reserves the right to hand over unpaid fee accounts to a reputable debt collector.
  14. We reserve the right of admission and to make changes to the draft calendar.
  15. By completing a registration with Dolphins Swim School the applicant agrees to the rules and regulations as stipulated above as well as the Terms and Conditions relating to fees and the management of private data.
  16. Furthermore it also indicates that the applicant indemnifies Dolphin Swim School and all members associated with it from any injury, accident or fatality which may occur to me / my child / my ward, while in the care of the instructors or during the course of the lessons.

Important Reminders

  • Regular attendance will show progress.
  • Try not to eat just before swimming but do have something light at least 20 – 30 minutes before your lesson
  • Note that no food is allowed on pool deck
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before your lesson time.
  • Wear a proper costume and swimming cap.
  • Place your clothes neatly in a Swimming bag.
  • Dress warmly especially on colder days.
  • Use the bathrooms and toilet only in case of an emergency.
  • DO NOT run around the pool or sit on the pool blankets.
  • DO NOT enter the pool without the teacher’s permission even during a lesson.
  • Listen to your teacher’s instructions.
  • DO NOT wear any jewellery when attending lessons.
  • Should your child have a contagious illness we ask that they stay away from class until they have fully recovered
  • Please do not park in any of our neighbour’s driveways.

Dolphins Terms & Conditions relating to the Protection of Personal Information Act

1. Introduction

The following statement is in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (“POPI”) and is intended to govern your interactions and business dealings with Dolphins Swim School.

Please note that in this statement, “Third Parties” include, but are not limited to; Operators, shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliated companies or joint ventures, suppliers and parties providing products, goods, equipment, systems and services, such as information technology.

“Personal Information” means any information or set of information that identifies a person and is processed by or on behalf of Dolphins Swim School, as described in Chapter 1, section 1 of POPIA.

2. Processing of Customer Personal Information

Dolphins Swim School may only process customer Personal Information on its systems, in accordance with POPIA, insofar as it is given consent by customers; is necessary to carry out action for the conclusion or performance of a contract to which the customer is a party; as part of an obligation imposed by law on Dolphins Swim School; protects a legitimate interest of a customer; is necessary for pursuing the legitimate interests of Dolphins Swim School or a Third Party to whom information is supplied.

3. Distribution of Personal Information to Third Parties

Dolphins Swim School may provide access or transfer Personal Information to Third Parties where it is necessary in the course of and for the purpose of giving effect to Dolphins Swim School business activities with its customers, in accordance with that expressed above viz-a-viz its terms and conditions, or as otherwise required by law.

Dolphins Swim School undertakes to take reasonable practicable steps to ensure that customer Personal Information that may be transferred to Third Parties is dealt with confidentially and in accordance with applicable legal requirements by those Third Parties.

Dolphins Swim School shall only transfer Personal Information to Third Parties in other jurisdictions where such Third Parties are subject to and comply with such laws, policies or agreements regarding privacy, data protection and confidentiality of Personal Information as may legally be required from time to time.

Dolphins Swim School may disclose customers’ Personal Information to any Third Party service providers whose services or products customers elect to use provided that it has obtained the necessary consent, or it is in terms of the conclusion and/or performance of contract between Dolphins Swim School and the customer, or there is another justification to the disclosure and processing. Dolphins Swim School will have agreements in place to ensure that they comply with confidentiality and privacy conditions.

Dolphins Swim School aims to have undertakings in place with relevant Third Parties to ensure there is a mutual understanding with regard to the protection of Personal Information, such Third Parties will be required to comply with the same or substantially similar regulations as Dolphins Swim School is subjected to.

4. Receiving Personal Information as a Third Party

During the course of conducting its business as a hosting service provider, Dolphins Swim School will collect Third Parties’ Personal Information from time to time. Dolphins Swim School will Process the Personal Information received from customers on behalf of the customer’s data subjects in conjunction with its terms and conditions and in respect of legislative requirements.

Dolphins Swim School will accordingly ensure that in Processing or storing (as a hosting service provider) a Third Party’s Personal Information, it will adhere to its obligations in terms of POPIA.

In the capacity of a Third Party, Dolphins Swim School will comply with all of its obligations as provided for in POPI.